Welcome to Personalised Pens low cost Promotional pens personalised for mass-mailing and marketing or equally suitable as fine writing instruments printed specifically for special awards or presentational occasions.


Choose from over 300 pens and pencils each offering style, quality and value for money. Personalised Pens are leaders in the promotional pens arena.


Quality: All pens featured on the Personalised Pens website have been selected because of their high quality and in particular, those pens produced by our recommended Pen Company are manufactured to the stringent quality standard of ISO 9002. These Pens utilise fully recyclable, cadmium and lead free materials so that the impact on the environment is minimal.

Printing: Inks used for printing are non toxic and conform to the US and EU pen and toy standards. Certification can be supplied at cost if necessary. Corporate colours can be accurately matched to your specification at no extra cost. In some cases the colour and texture of the pen can influence the printed colour and you are advised to order a proof sample if you are in doubt, particularly on dark bodied pens.

Writing Colour: Pens are normally stocked in either black or blue, but some of the more popular ranges are stocked in both colours. Pencils are normally supplied in HB hardness. Highlighters, rollerballs, fineliners, markers and fibre tip writing instruments have a shorter shelf life than ballpens because they contain liquid inks and it is recommended that they are stored in a cool dry atmosphere for maximum longevity.

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